Italian Hoagie Dip

Cousins Sub Dip

A delicious twist on an Italian Hoagie

Cousins Sub Dip is easy to make and delicious!

  1. Cut the provolone cheese, hard salami, pepperoni and ham into small strips, roughly 1/8" x 3/4" in size.  Avoid allowing them to clumb by separating them with a fork.
  2. Dice the onion and banana pepppers to your preferred size
  3. Mix the mayonnaise, sour cream, red wine vinegar and italian seasoning
  4. Using a large spoon, gently mix the ingredients together, mixing in the onion and banana peppers last
  5. Once mixed, allow to cool in refrigerator.
  6. Just before serving - mix in the chopped lettuce

Server with bread chunks, pita bread pieces, tortilla chips or anything else your dipping heart desires!


Amount Ingredient
.25 cup Banana Pepper
8 oz. Genoa Hard Salami
8 oz. Ham
3 tbsp. Italian Seasoning
4 cup Lettuce (finely chopped)
1.5 cup Mayonnaise
8 oz. Pepperoni Slices
15 ea. Provolone Cheese (Slice)
1.5 cup Red Onion
.5 cup Sour Cream

Dip It Up A Notch!

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