World's Best Guacamole

Worlds Best Guac

Dip it up a notch with fresh lime juice, fresh cilantro and cayenne pepper

Prepare the ingredients:

  • Avocados - Cut each avocado in half.  Peel each half and remove the pit.  Mash to desired consistancy with fork or potato masher.  Place mashed avocado in bowl that will be used for mixing in with other ingredients.  Cover with plastic wrap while other ingredients are prepared to keep fresh.
  • Cilantro - Remove stems so only the leafy part remains.  Dice finely with a sharp knife.
  • Garlic - Remove 3 cloves from the head of garlic.  Cut ends to remove any dryness, then remove skin.  Use a soft handled garlic press to mince garlic.
  • Red Onion - Make 4 cuts from top of onion so you are left with 4 usable pieces and the core.  Throw away (or use for other recipe) the core.  Cut the large usable pieces in half.  Use a vegetable chopper to dice into small uniform pieces.
  • Jalapeno Pepper - Cut top off jalapeno.  Cut in half vertically and remove seeds and inside with spoon.  Run each side through the garlic mincer or through the vegetable dicer if you prefer larger chunks of jalapeno.
  • Roma Tomato - Cut off top 1/8" or so.  Cut vertically to create two halves.  Scoop out inside (seeds and liquid) with spoon and dice each half with the vegetable chopper.
  • Limes - Cut each lime into quarters.  These will be squeezed for juice later.
  • Salt & Cayenne Pepper - Place proper amounts into spice dish.  This will be added to guacamole mixture later.

Gently mix ingredients together with large wooden spoon:

  • Add minced garlic, diced jalapeno, diced red onion, diced tomato to mashed avocado mixture . 
  • As ingredients are stirred in, slowly add cayenne pepper and salt so they are evenly distributed throughout the mixture. 
  • Once properly mixed, add lime juice and then diced cilantro.

Garnish with cilantro and a fresh squeeze of lime.

Amount Ingredient
6 ea. Avacado
1/2 tsp. Cayenne Pepper
8 tbsp. Fresh cilantro
3 ea. Garlic clove
1 ea. Jalepeno pepper
3 ea. Lime
1 cup Red Onion
2 ea. Roma Tomato
2 tsp. Salt

Dip It Up A Notch!

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